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Graduate and Professional Student PLUS Loans
Loan Consolidation
Why Consolidate?
Frequently Asked Questions about Consolidation
Lost Your Education Lender?
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Private Student Loans
Private Student Loan Consolidation
Credit Scores
Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
Choosing a Lender
Preferred Lender Lists
Largest Education Lenders
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Education Lenders, Guarantee Agencies, Servicers and Secondary Markets
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Student Loan Guarantee Agencies
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Anti-Discrimination Rules for Education Lenders
Tradeoffs Among Education Loans
Student Loan Discounts
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PLUS Loan Discounts
Consolidation Loan Discounts
Education Loan Interest Rates
Cost of Interest on Student Loans
Student Loan Repayment Plans
Income Contingent Repayment
Income Sensitive Repayment
Income-Based Repayment
Loan Forgiveness
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Taxability of Student Loan Forgiveness
Student Loan Checklist
Defaulting on Student Loans
Solutions for Borrowers Who are Having Trouble Repaying Education Loans
Net Present Value
Student Loan Loopholes
PLUS Loan Interest Rate Loophole
Grace Period Loophole
Early Repayment Status Loophole (Repealed)
Interest Rate Loophole (Repealed)
Single Holder Rule Loopholes (Repealed)
Cohort Default Rates
90/10 Rule
Impact of the Subprime Mortgage Credit Crisis on Student Loan Cost and Availability
Lender Layoffs and Loan Program Suspensions
Index Rate Mismatch
Spread between PRIME and LIBOR
Practical Credit Crisis Tips for Students and Families
Practical Credit Crisis Tips for Colleges and Universities
Historical Loan Limits
Student Loan Comparison Sites
Peer-to-Peer Education Loans
FastWeb Student Loan Survey

FastWeb Scholarship Search
Other Scholarship Databases
Searching for Scholarships with Web Search Engines
Number of Scholarships
Outside Scholarship Policies
Overaward Regulations
Taxability of Scholarships
Unusual Scholarships
Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships
Full Tuition Academic Scholarships
Scholarships for Average Students
Scholarships for Children Under Age 13
Cancer Scholarships
National Service
How to Win a Scholarship
Searching for Scholarships
Getting Organized
Advanced Preparation
Scholarship Essays
Scholarship Interviews
Scholarship Scams
Common Scholarship Scams
Protecting Yourself from Scholarship Scams
Mail Drop Search Form
Evaluating Scholarship Matching Services
Evaluating Financial Aid Consultants
How to Report Scams
Fraud and False Advertising Laws
State Attorney General Offices
Consumer Education Materials
How to Investigate Suspicious Offers
State Registries of Charitable Trusts
Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act of 2000
Testimony About Scholarship Scams
National Scholarship Month
Scholarship Design & Management

Saving for College
2503(c) Minor's Trust
Account Ownership: In Whose Name to Save?
College Savings Bank
College Savings Checklist
College Savings Surveys
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Credit Card Rebate and Loyalty Programs
Fidelity 529 College Rewards MasterCard
SAGE Tuition Rewards Program
Crummey Trust
Easy Savings Tips
Education Tax Benefit Coordination
Gift Taxes
IRC Section 529, As Amended
IRS Notice 2001-55
Investment Strategies
Myths about Saving for College
Rating the State Section 529 Plans
Retirement Plans
Saving in the Parents' Names
Savings Bonds
Savings Calculators
Savings Goals
Prioritizing Savings
Section 529 Plans
Section 529 College Savings Plan Loophole
Section 529 Professional Resources
State Section 529 Plans
State Tax Deductions for 529 Contributions
Tax Savings from Child Asset Ownership
Trust Funds and Financial Aid
Tuition Inflation
Independent 529 Plan
UGMA & UTMA Custodial Accounts
Using Your Home Equity
Variable Life Insurance Policies
Savings Social Networking Programs

Saving for College
US Armed Forces Recruiting Programs
Financial Aid for Veterans and their Dependents
Veterans and the FAFSA
Heroes Act of 2003
Army National Guard
Combat Pay and Other Untaxed Income
Veterans Education Benefits
Veterans Status for Student Aid Purposes

Other Types of Aid
US Federal Government Aid
US State Government Aid
Section 529 Plans: Prepaid Tuition Plans and College Savings Plans
Education Tax Benefits
Employer Tuition Assistance
School Financial Aid Office Web Sites
Tuition Payment Plans
School-Specific Scholarships and Fellowships
Financial Aid for International Students
Financial Aid for Canadian Students
Financial Aid for Disabled Students
Financial Aid for Students with Learning Disabilities
Financial Aid for Female Students
Financial Aid for Minority Students
Financial Aid for Older and Nontraditional Students
Financial Aid for Jewish Students
Financial Aid for Gay and Lesbian Students
Financial Aid for Graduate School
Financial Aid for Business School
Financial Aid for Law School
Financial Aid for Medical School
Domestic Exchange and Study Abroad Programs
Distance Learning and Continuing Education
Sports/Athletic Aids
Specific Majors or Courses of Study
Scholarship Lotteries
College Partnerships
State Residency Requirements (In-State Tuition)
Undocumented Students and Illegal Aliens
Financial Aid for Native American Students
Private Elementary and Secondary School Aid
Education Loans for Private K-12 Schools
Scholarships for Private K-12 Schools
Student Sponsorships and Education Investments
What can you do if your parents refuse to help?
Early Awareness Initiatives
Ayuda Financiera del Estudiante en Español
Heath Resource Center: Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
FAFSA Deadlines
Documents You'll Need for the FAFSA
Help Completing the FAFSA
Student Aid Report and Expected Family Contribution
Title IV Institution Codes (FAFSA)
CSS Financial Aid PROFILE Codes
Common Errors on Financial Aid Applications
Income Earned from Work
Head of Household
Maximizing Your Aid Eligibility
Negotiation and Professional Judgment
Guide to Financial Aid Award Letters
The Five-Minute FAFSA Video
Small Business Exclusion
Mapping from IRS Forms to the FAFSA

Answering Your Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Bankruptcy and Financial Aid
Divorce and Financial Aid
Last Minute Advice
Tuition Freezes, Tuition Cuts and Level Tuition Rates
No Loans for Low Income Students
Ask the Aid Advisor
Reference Materials
Free Pamphlets

College Cost Projector
Savings Plan Designer (Flat Contribution)
Savings Plan Designer (Percent of Income Contribution)
Financial Aid Estimation
Streamlined EFC Calculator
Quick EFC Approximation Calculator (not EFC)
Quick EFC Approximation Chart (not EFC)
Dependency Status Form
Proposal for Simplified EFC
Proposal for Simplified EFC (Policy Version)
Loan Payment
Income Contingent Repayment Loan Payment Calculator
Income Contingent Repayment Loan Payment Calculator (Policy Version)
Income Sensitive Repayment Calculator
Income-Based Repayment Calculator
Income-Based Repayment Calculator (Policy Version)
Graduated Repayment Loan Payment Calculator
Loan Consolidation Calculator
Loan Payment Chart Generator
Savings Growth Projector
Annual Yield
Compound Interest
Savings Plan Yield
Saving vs. Borrowing Calculator
Prepaid Tuition Calculator
Net Present Value Calculator
Life Insurance Needs
Federal Housing Index
Undergraduate Student Loan Advisor
Graduate Student Loan Advisor
Doctoral Student Loan Advisor
Parent Loan Advisor
Loan Discount Analyzer
Loan Discounts
Loan Analyzer
Loan Comparison
Cost of Interest Capitalization
Loan Interest Rate Inverter
Loan Term Inverter
No-Fee Equivalent Interest Rate
No-Fee Equivalent Interest Rate Chart
Stafford vs. PLUS Comparison Chart
Economic Hardship Deferment Calculator
How Much to Borrow Calculator
Tuition Model
Tuition Model | Private Colleges
Tuition Model | Public Colleges
Award Letter Comparison Tool
Advanced Award Letter Comparison Tool
Upfront Fee Equivalent Interest (Tuition Payment Plans)
Student Budget Calculator
Family Budget Analyzer
Collection Cost Impact Chart Generator
Loan Default Calculator
Level Payment Calculator (Amount)
Level Payment Calculator (Percent of Income)
Inverted Level Payment Calculator (Amount)
Inverted Level Payment Calculator (Percent of Income)
Loan Payment Chart Generator (Balance vs Rates)
Peer-to-Peer Lender Calculator
Prepayment Calculator

Information for Students
Student's Financial Aid Checklist
Selective Service Registration

Information for Parents
Budget Cutting
Cutting College Costs
Guide for Parents of Young Children
Tips for Grandparents on Helping Grandchildren Pay for College

Information for FAAs/Educators
Higher Education News
History of Student Financial Aid
Historical Student Loan Interest Rates
Pell Grant Historical Figures
Helping Students Use FinAid
Guide to Professional Judgment (70 pages)
Common Law Marriages
Defining Middle Income
Student Aid Legislation Resources
Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965
Student Aid PR Firms
Student Aid Lobbying and Advocacy Groups
Affirmative Action and Financial Aid
Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972
FERPA and Financial Aid (Privacy)
Aid Information for Students Who Telecommute
Financial Aid for Study Abroad
Professional Associations
Guide to Detecting Fraud
Prohibited Inducements and Preferred Lender Lists
Guide to Improving Student Perceptions
Suggestions for Dealing with Unhappy Students and Upset Parents
Tips for New Educators and Financial Aid Administrators
Comment Codes
ISIR Comment Codes
Reject Comment Codes
SAR Comment Codes
Financial Aid Forms Bank
Sample Student Satisfaction Surveys
Proof of Dependent(s) Form
IRS Dependency Tests
Simplified Needs Test Chart
Designing a Financial Aid Office Web Site
The Future of the Financial Aid Office
Phone Numbers
Products and Services
Mailing Lists
Online Resources
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Required Elements of Award Letters
Financial Aid Jobs
Benefits of a Higher Education
Guide to Talking with the Press and News Media
Withholding Academic Transcripts and Diplomas

Beyond Financial Aid
College Selection
Online College Degrees
Jobs and Internships

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