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Student Loan Servicers


This section of FinAid provides information about student loan servicers. Servicers are companies that collect payments on a loan, respond to customer service inquiries, and perform other administrative tasks associated with maintaining a loan portfolio. Loan servicers disburse loans funds, monitor loans while the borrowers are in school, collect payments, process deferments and forbearances, respond to borrower inquiries, maintain loan records, and ensure that the loans are administered in compliance with federal regulations and guarantee agency requirements.

When your student loan is sold, it can result in a change of servicers. (Student loans are most often sold to a secondary market when they enter repayment. They can also be sold to another bank at any time due to bank mergers or banks choosing to liquidate their student loan portfolios.)

Although the original terms of your loans will not change, the address to which you send payments and the date on which payments are due may change. It is therefore important to read all the correspondence you receive carefully. It is also important to ensure that the servicer has your current address and contact information. Students who ignore their mail and phone calls are more likely to be delinquent on a payment and to default on their loans.

In addition to the servicing organizations listed here, Secondary Markets service their own loans and may also provide servicing for other lenders. These secondary markets include Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, College Invest, Connecticut Student Loan Foundation (CSLF), Education Services Foundation (ESF), Illinois Designated Account Purchase Program (IDAPP), LoanSTAR Funding Group, Inc., National Education Loan Network (NELNET), Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA), and Sallie Mae/USA Group. Likewise, some of the Guarantee Agencies also provide outsourcing and servicing for lenders. These guarantee agencies include American Education Services (AES)/PHEAA/SLSC, Educational Assistance Service Company, Inc. (EASCI) and Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.. Individual lenders, like College Foundation Inc., may also service their own loans, especially if they do not sell them.

The rest of the servicing companies listed on this page specialize in student loan management outsourcing for multiple financial institutions.

See also Collection Agencies page for other companies that specialize in receivables management, such as collecting defaulted student loans.

Trade Associations for Servicers

Student Loan Servicing Alliance (SLSA) is the national trade association for student loan servicers.


Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS), formerly known as AFSA Data Corporation (Academic Financial Services Association), is one of the largest student loan servicers. Founded in 1967, they have more than 800 college, university and financial institution clients nationwide, servicing a portfolio of more than 5 million accounts valued at more than $31 billion. ACS provides national coverage from its three service centers located in Lombard, Illinois; Utica, New York; and Long Beach, California. It employs 1,400 people devoted solely to servicing student loans. ACS is organized into three separate product divisions. The Campus Based Division supports the student loan administrative and financial services needs of colleges and universities. The Federal Family Education Loan Division provides comprehensive student loan servicing for banks and secondary markets. As the nation's only loan servicer chosen by the U.S. Department of Education to service the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, ACS's Direct Loan Division provides student loan services to support the distinct requirements of this program. Borrower can visit the ACS Education website for more information: All contact information can be found on this information page:

Campus Partners (formerly Wachovia Services, EFG Technologies, and AMS Servicing Group) provides billing, accounting, and data processing services for Federal Perkins and institutional loans issued by more than 550 colleges and universities. They have been servicing student loans since 1965. For more information, call 1-800-334-8609 or write to Campus Partners, 2400 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 or Campus Partners, PO Box 2901, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2901.

CFS-SunTech Servicing LLC provides student loan servicing to financial institutions.

Computer Services Inc. provides services for about 500 banks nationwide, including student loan servicing. For more information, call 1-800-545-4274 or write to Computer Services, Inc., 3901 Technology Drive, Paducah, KY 42001.

Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) provides lenders with acquisition, origination and servicing. They service education loans for South Texas Higher Education Authority Inc. (STHEA) and other lenders. For more information, call 1-800-949-6371 or 1-956-682-6371, fax 1-956-971-3319 or 1-956-971-3321, or write to 2540 W. Trenton Road, Edinburg, TX 78539.

Data Center Inc. (DCI) provides technological solutions to banks for servicing their accounts. For more information, call 1-620-694-6800, fax 1-620-694-6880, write to DCI, 20 West Second, Suite 300, Hutchinson, KS 67501, or send email to

Deborah John & Associates (DJA) has assisted schools and colleges with their financial aid administration since 1988. Based in Mulvane, Kansas, DJA provides servicing and consulting to institutions from Alaska to Florida. DJA's web page provides information on DJA's servicing EFAS (Electronic Financial Aid Servicing) and EFAS Express (PC connectivity to EFAS). In addition, the web page offers information on DJA's consulting services which can be acquired on a per incident or contract basis. The web page also includes copies of the Deborah John & Associates Newsletter. This monthly newsletter informs financial aid administrators of recent regulations affecting financial aid and also provides information on upcoming DJA training sessions. Finally, for those financial administrators interested in evaluating their in-house financial system or third party servicer, DJA's web page has a link to a financial aid checklist entitled 18 Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Financial Aid System and Future Needs. For more information call 1-800-242-0977, fax 1-316-777-1703, send email to Alan John at, or write to Deborah John & Associates, 110 E. Main, Mulvane, Kansas 67110.

Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) serves the education industry with products and services that help its clients streamline business operations and reduce operating costs while enhancing the experience for students and parents. Founded in 1972, ECSI serves more than 1,300 K-12 schools, colleges and universities. They offer customized, intuitive and cost-effective solutions for federal and private student loan billing and payment processing, receivables management, default prevention, electronic billing and payment processing, tuition payment plans, and federal tax reporting. For more information, call 1-800-437-6931, fax 1-412-494-5626, write to Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI), 181 Montour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108, or send email to or

Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) is a large business and technology solutions firm. Among other things, they develop applications for student loan servicing. For more information, call 1-800-566-9337 or 1-972-604-6000 or write to EDS, 5400 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024.

ELM Resources (Education Loan Management, Inc.), was established in 1994 by a group of FFELP lenders as a mutual benefit company. ELM Resources provides automated data exchange and update services for lenders, guarantors and servicers. They provide a technology conduit that allows the education finance industry to communicate. They provide support for servicers, but do not themselves manage student loans or maintain debt records. For more information, call 1-888-NEED-ELM or 1-866-524-8198, fax 1-510-271-0043, or write to ELM Resources, 505 14th Street, Suite 1130, Oakland, CA 94612.

Financial Aid Services, Inc. (FAS), established 1980, offers servicing, consulting, training, and processing services to schools. Their services include need analysis and early aid estimation, processing and disbursing all Title IV funds (FFELP and FDSLP), FFEL student loan certication, refund calculation, verification assistance, regulatory compliance, computerized financial aid processing, and accreditation, eligibility, and certification. Their consulting services include updates on changes in federal regulations, quality control services, program review and audit preparation, government reporting, default management assistance, and staff training in Title IV management. They also offer the Genesis SMSS school management software service. FAS's trademark is "Training, Educating, and Supporting the school while continuously developing systems to comply with the ever changing environment of student financial aid programs". For more information, call 1-800-4-FAS-INC (1-800-432-7462) or 1-603-328-1550, fax 1-603-328-1560, write to Financial Aid Services, Inc., 90 Stiles Road, Suite #101, Salem, NH 03079, or send email to

FISERV provides technology and data processing solutions to the financial world, including student loan servicing technology. For more information, call 1-800-872-7882 or 1-262-879-5000, fax 1-262-879-5013, or write to Fiserv Corporate Headquarters, 255 Fiserv Drive, PO Box 979, Brookfield, WI 53008-0979. See also FISERV Lending Solutions. For more information, call 1-407-829-4200 or 1-800-748-2572, fax 1-407-829-4270, or write to Fiserv Lending Solutions, 901 International Parkway, Suite 100, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

Granite State Management & Resources (GSM&R), established 1986, provides loan servicing for federal and private student loan programs, including those of New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (NHHELCO). For more information, call 1-800-525-2577 or 1-603-225-6612, fax 1-603-224-2581, write to 4 Barrell Court, PO Box 877, Concord, NH 03302-0877, or send email to

Hawaii Impulse Systems, Inc. (HIS) provides information technology solutions for credit unions. For more information, send email to

Panhandle-Plains Student Loan Center (PPSLC) services student loans owned by Central Texas Higher Education Authority and the North Texas Higher Education Authority in addition to loans held by their affiliated secondary market, Panhandle-Plains Higher Education Authority Inc. (PPHEA). For more information, call 1-800-736-5727 or 1-806-324-4100, fax 1-806-655-7765, or write to 1403 23rd Street, PO Box 839, Canyon TX 79015.

SCC Resources, Inc., formerly Sandusky Computer Center, Inc., is a backroom operations service bureau for financial institutions. They offer student loan servicing, among other support services. For more information, call 1-419-625-1605, fax 1-419-625-0081, write to SCC Resources, Inc., PO Box 398, Sandusky, OH 44870, or send email to

Student Assistance Foundation (SAF) services student loans held by the Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation (MHESAC) and loans made by other lenders. See also Student Assistance Foundation (SAF). For more information, call 1-800-852-2761 x6657 or 1-406-495-7800, fax 1-406-495-7880, write to 2500 Broadway, Helena, MT 59601, or send email to

University Accounting Services, LLC (UAS) is a student loan servicer for campus-based student loans at more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide. For more information, call 1-800-999-6227, fax 1-262-784-9014, write to University Accounting Services, LLC, PO Box 932, Brookfield, WI 53008-0932, or send email to


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