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Higher Education News

Major news affected student financial aid can be found in the History of Student Financial Aid timeline.

The following are the major news publications and policy newsletters for higher education and student financial aid.


Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education is the newspaper of record for higher education news.

Inside Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed is an online higher education newspaper founded in 2004 by a few former editors of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

FiLife is a personal finance web site in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. Mark Kantrowitz is the Student Loan Guru, answering questions about student loans, loan consolidation, scholarships, grants and college savings.

New York Times: The Choice (Blog)
Online blog about college admissions and financial aid from the New York Times called "The Choice: Demystefying College Admissions and Aid". The blog includes a question and answer feature that provides answers by Mark Kantrowitz to reader questions about financial aid.

New York Times: Student Loans Topics Page
The New York Times topics page on student loans is curated by Mark Kantrowitz and provides an RSS feed of news coverage and newsworthy events involving student loans from a practical consumer focus.

eCampus News
Online news on the use of technology and the internet in higher education.


College Board Review
College Board Review is published by the College Board. It focuses on expository articles and opinion concerning secondary and higher education, with topics including financial aid, counseling, education testing, affirmative action, and access to higher education.

College News
College News is a quarterly magazine and web site published by Boston Hannah LLC. It is written by college students and recent graduates, with a focus on news and entertainment of interest to college students, as well as articles about money and careers.

Today's Campus
Today's Campus (formerly Greentree Gazette) focuses on business news and issues affecting higher education. They cover many topics of interest to student financial aid administrators, including management, security, student aid and student loans. (Jeff Wendt, the publisher, retired in early 2011. Today's Campus has resumed publication under a new publisher, Ryan Busch.)

Student Aid Transcript
Student Aid Transcript is published by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) to provide news, views and insights that contribute to the professional development of the NASFAA membership.

University Business
University Business reports on topics relating to college and university management, including financial aid.


Student Aid News (news)
Student Aid News is published monthly by Wiley Periodicals. It includes news and information of interest to financial aid administrators, such as information about legislation and federal regulations that affect student financial aid. It also summarizes court cases that are relevant to student aid. For more information, call 1-888-378-2537.

Warning: Wiley has ceased publication of Student Aid News with the February 2010 issue and will substitute subscriptions to Campus Legal Advisor for subscribers to this publication.

Enrollment Management Review
Enrollment Management Review is published by the College Board four times per year. It provides concise summaries and discussion of professional literature and research concerning college admissions, financial aid and other enrollment management topics. It is edited by Don Hossler of the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research and Planning.

Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY (public policy)
OPPORTUNITY is a monthly research letter that examines data on opportunity for postsecondary education and training. It also discusses the ways public policy intervenes to foster or impede student enrollment decisions regarding preparation for, access to, choice among, persistence within and attainment of postsecondary education. Each issue of the letter examines an enrollment issue, a policy issue and a context issue.

Most subscribers are professionals with institutional roles in administration, college admissions, financial aid, outreach or institutional research. In addition, most state coordinating boards and student financial aid programs subscribe, as do national organizations and foundations playing roles in fostering opportunities for postsecondary education and training.

Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY is edited and published by Thomas G. Mortenson, a higher education policy analyst and senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education.

Annual subscriptions (12 issues) are $160 (online) or $174 (print + online). A free sample issue is available on request. For more information, call 1-641-673-3401, fax 1-641-673-3411, or write to Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY, PO Box 415, Oskaloosa, IA 52577-0415.


College & University (C&U)
College & University is a higher education policy and research journal published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

Emerging Issues in Higher Education
Emerging Issues in Higher Education is the latest manifestation of a periodic publication by the Council on Law in Higher Education (CLHE) that analyzes recent higher education legislation, regulations and subregulatory guidance. Topics include financial aid, civil rights, privacy and information security, business and tax, and occasional timely and topical issues in other areas of higher education law and policy. The online publication is available for free to CLHE members. CLHE also publishes a free weekly/biweekly memo that includes financial aid information. For more information, call 1-561-622-5765, fax 1-561-624-9198, send email to, or write to Council on Law in Higher Education, 111 Coconut Key Court, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

Journal of Student Financial Aid
The Journal of Student Financial Aid is published by the National Association of Student Financial Aid (NASFAA). It focuses on presenting articles that report on original research relating to student financial aid or which discuss student aid policy.

Blogs - Opinion

The following blogs are updated frequently with original content and represent a variety of viewpoints, sometimes provocative. The opinions expressed in these blogs are not necessarily those of the FinAid site.

Higher Education Watch
Higher Ed Watch is a news analysis and commentary blog published by the New America Foundation, a public policy institute. Higher Ed Watch is also noteworthy for its investigative journalism that has broken several major stories affecting higher education, such as the student loan conflict of interest scandal.

Daniel Barkowitz
A financial aid blog by Daniel Barkowitz, Director of Student Financial Aid and Student Employment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Student Lending Analytics Blog
Student Lending Analytics helps colleges select lenders for their preferred lender lists in an objective manner. Their blog focuses on developments in the student loan industry. They also offer a separate paying for college blog for parents and students.


The Campus Buzz
The Campus Buzz is a free college news and press release distribution service. They include a variety of categories, including scholarships, fellowships and money.


Higher Education and Personal Finance Reporter Roundtable
Mark Kantrowitz moderated a Higher Education and Personal Finance Reporter Roundtable at the NASFAA conference on July 10, 2007. Featured were Sandra Block of USA Today and Jeff Selingo of the Chronicle of Higher Education. An online video of the roundtable is available on the Nelnet web site.


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