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Dependent vs Independent

See also IRS Dependency Tests.


These forms are commonly used or distributed by educators and financial aid administrators:

(Note: PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat reader -- if you don't have it, download a free copy.)

Federal Government Documents

Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook
This web page provides copies of the US Department of Education's publication, the Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook. The FSFA Handbook, as it is known, provides a guide to the rules and regulations governing federal student assistance programs for college financial aid personnel. Although this publication is primarily of interest to financial aid administrators, students and parents may also find it useful.

Counselor's Handbook for Postsecondary Schools
This is a guide from the US Department of Education to help financial aid administrators advise students about financial aid for postsecondary education.

Verification Guides and Worksheets
Starting in the 1999-2000 award year, the Verification Guide was incorporated into the FSFA Handbook. This link is to sample verification worksheets for dependent and independent students.

Code of Federal Regulations (alternate)
This web page provides easy access to federal regulations relating to the US Department of Education (Title 34 CFR Chapters VI, VII, XI and XII). Other regulations can be found using the Code of Federal Regulations search interface.

Federal Registers
This web page provides a compilation of student aid related Federal Registers published from January 1, 1995 to the present. GPO Access also provides an online searchable interface to all Federal Registers.

EFC Formula Worksheets and Tables
This contains the formulas, worksheets and related tables for calculating the expected family contribution for Federal Student Aid.

Digest of Education Statistics (PDF)
The Digest of Education Statistics provides a compilation of statistics relating to education, including information about spending on scholarships and fellowships.

SFA Coach
An introduction to Federal Student Financial Aid for financial aid administrators.

Direct Loan Program
This web page provides information about the Direct Loan Program, including a history and fact sheet, and copies of the Direct Loan Newsletter. The site also provides information about the Direct Consolidation Loan Program.

US House of Representatives Democratic Leadership Position on Financial Aid

Proposal for Improved Oversight in Federal Student Aid
A proposal from the US Department of Education.

Talks Presented by Mark Kantrowitz

Scholarship Scams

Designing a Financial Aid Office Web Site

The Future of the Financial Aid Office


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