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The following are excerpts from some of the many testimonials received by the FinAid® Page.

Testimonials from Financial Aid Administrators

This site is terrific and we often refer students to it for information.
- B. Rowe, Ohio University

Just want to let you know I really think your page is wonderful! Obviously a lot of hard work went into this!
- D. Barkowitz, Lasell College

Kudos to you for your work on the info page. It is a wonderful collection of information. I am preparing affordability seminars to present to parents of prospective students, & I found several items in your collection to be very helpful. Keep up the good work!
- K. Stevenson-McNeely, Davidson College

After hearing so many kudos at NASFAA's conference in Denver, I had to check out your page for myself. Wow, this is great. I am extremely impressed by the page and the number of links to other related information that you have organized here. I will recommend this site to colleagues and students. Thanks.
- D. Valdez

Your page is GREAT! Really appreciate your efforts! Thanks.
- E. Nicely, Sequoia Institute

Thanks for such a terrific page. There is no parallel on the web.
- K. Peters

I just became aware of your page through the recent NASFAA publication. I just wanted to send my commendation for a job well done. As an old computer jock and a recent devotee of the WWW I am impressed.
- N. Benedict, Alfred Tech

I just wanted to say that your financial aid work for the WWW is really impressive!
- A. G. Gunia, Purdue University Calumet

I am *VERY* impressed with your Financial Aid Information on the Internet. I was a VP ten years for the CSS ... now retired. I've looked at S.F.A. materials over many years - your work is the most comprehensive by far. Congratulations.
- J. Nelson

I consistently share your site's location at all of my financial aid nights, fairs, etc. ... as a matter of fact, the home page has become a handout ... Thanks so much for all your hard work . . . you and your staff have made my life somewhat easier...
- T. Moncada, USIU

If we haven't done this lately ... thank you from all of us who use this and tell our students to use the site.
- P. Gilligan, Berklee College of Music

We love your page, at least those of us who are not computer phobic, here in my office.
- B. R. Dudley, San Francisco State University

I am impressed by the service that you are providing to us as financial aid officers and to the students of the nation.
- J. Martin, Idaho State

In case I haven't told you this, I have sung your praises all over the place, and given the URL to many collegues all over the country. You have created a very serviceable page....and I thank you!!
- A. Williams, UC Irvine

I have been a financial aid administrator for over 20 years. The question I have heard most often during that time is: "How do I find out about all those scholarships everyone else keeps telling me about?". Now I tell students and parents to get someone with online access, look up, and get to work. Thanks for making my job easier, and college more available to the bulk of students I speak to. I can imagine the work that must go into the upkeep of the site. Just wanted to let you know that it is truly appreciated by all of us.
- M. Chiffriller

I am truly thankful to you for your knowledge and effort in providing the kind of information that you have out on the net.
- A. Pratt, Broward Community College

Thanks for the great resource pages to the FAAs!
- J. McCormick, University of Utah

Mark--just stumbled onto your site...great!! I'm always getting requests for this info, and have very little time to find/send I'll just give them your address and the others you reference...THANKS!!!
- K. Williams

One of our financial aid staff passed along information about your page. I, in turn, passed the website address along to several students. Those who have used your site give it an A+ rating. Thanks a bunch for making this information available!
- M. Bushey

Mark, I think your page is wonderfully unique. ... Thanks for all the work you've put into it so far. It has been a great resource to our office and our students.
- K. Multop, Western Baptist College

As you probably already know, your page has become the top net resource for financial aid. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for creating such a useful site.
- S. Tisinger, University of Wyoming

Mark, This morning as I was getting ready for work, our local NBC news affiliate - Channel 6 in Omaha NE ran a Kiplinger report on you and your development of the financial aid pages. It was nice to see a face to put with the person who has developed a wonderful resource. ... Keep up the good work. I truly feel that as time goes by that more and more of us are going to learn how to really use the internet to set up web sites to promote our schools and the functions within the school. It is truly the tool of the future. Thank you for all your efforts.
- C. Routh, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Congratulations on having been so instrumental in bringing the financial aid world so quickly up to speed with the Internet.
- J. A. Russo, University of Notre Dame

You do an amazing job serving students and their families. You have my utmost respect.
- A. Henne

The Kansas City Star sponsored a program entitled, "Making College Affordable" to address the number one concern expressed by high school students during a recent poll conducted by the newspaper. To an audience of more than 400 parents, students, and other interested participants, I presented a live demonstration of how to access and use the Financial Aid Information Page. The demonstration/presentation precipitated many, many comments from the audience who now felt they had a "handle" on the financial aid conundrum. The comments most often made about the page concerned the sheer volume of useful information available all in one place, the "scams" section, the information specific to special groups (females, minority members, etc.) and the need/cost estimators. Because of what it perceived as an outstanding response, the Star is making plans to sponsor another, similar program in the Spring. I attribute a great deal of the success of the presentation to my complete trust in the integrity of Mark's information and the ease with which it apparently can be used by those with little computer literacy. The financial aid community has been searching for a comprehensive resource like this for as many years as I have been in the profession (11). It is gratifying to be able to showcase the Financial Aid Information Page with such confidence as part of our community outreach programs.
- C. Butler, Director of Financial Aid, Avila College, and President, Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Keep up the GREAT work!
- C. Bender, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Mark, in case we don't tell you often enough, you're a national treasure!
- E. Frishberg, Johns Hopkins University

We enjoy telling people about your FinAid® Page on the web. Thanks for a great job.
- T. Howard, University of Oregon

- G. T. Whiddon, Tulane University

Your web site is FABULOUS!!! I refer to it a lot, and always get great information.
- E. Urbanski, UMBC

I don't know how you're managing to do all this, but your site is becoming one of our most useful "tools" here at Syracuse University as we expand into the electronic world.
- K. Stevenson, Syracuse University

We are truly impressed and reference your pages quite often, as well as encouraging others for obtaining Financial Aid resource information. Keep up the good work!
- D. Overfelt, IUPUI

I am still exploring the many different areas of your information page. We here at the Office of Financial Assistance love it and our students are quite excited about the wealth of information it provides. Thanks!
- M. Miley, College of Charleston

Your Page is excellent for its thorough, timely, fair presentation.
- L. B. Purutyan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Thanks for all that you do for all of us.
- C. Monahan, Tulane University

I just recently had opportunity to look at your handiwork and I must say I am quite impressed! Even used the financial aid estimator, which was easy and worked quite well. Kudos to the maestro!!
- L. M. King, Linfield College

I appreciate your dedication to this profession and all you've done with this advanced technology!
- P. James, Laramie County Community College

You don't know me, but ... I want to thank you for the work you've done on your web site. I have happily offered up your web site at the financial aid nights I've done; more and more of our smaller rural schools at least have one Internet hook-up in their library or media center, and it's a great resource for them.
- S. Kazin, Colgate University

Just a short note to let you know what a fine job you have done and continue to do on the FinAid® Page. It is nice to see that someone is working towards helping students navigate the maze of financial aid on the web. Keep up the good work !!!
- B.L. Behm, Thomas Jefferson University

I reviewed your pages. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the detailed information you have available for ALL students.
- B. Janice, Humboldt State University

Mark, your work is fabulous!!!! I've made it mandatory surfing for my institution's FAO. Thanks!!!
- T. Smithwood

Your web site has been a tremendous resource for us, and we are so pleased to see that NASFAA recognizes its great importance as well!
- M. Enstrom, Wheaton College

You should be proud of your site. It's unbelievably deep!
- M. Chambers

I've been in aid for fifteen years and I have to commend you for the Page. I use it a lot and recommend it to every group I talk to. You're making a genuine contribution to the public good.
- D. Welsh, Tunxis Comm-Tech College

The FinAid® Page is an excellent resource for college financial aid for practicing financial aid administrators as well as parents and students seeking assistance. The FinAid® Page is certainly the very best source of financial aid information on the World Wide Web for anyone interested and willing to take the time to utilize this rich resource. Mr. Kantrowitz is to be commended for his tireless efforts to assist administrators, students, and parents in better understanding the college financial aid process. In these difficult economic times, it is encouraging to see such a wonderful public service as the FinAid® Page available to truly assist those in need.
- M. Alexander, Past President, California and Colorado Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators

We rely on the depth and breadth of accurate information in Mark Kantrowitz's Financial Aid Information Page to cover many important financial aid topics. Mark's web site serves as a total on-line library to students and families seeking guidance and data about financing education. And the Financial Aid Information Page is also a resource to Financial Aid Administrators trying to keep up with regulation, technology and policy changes, while also providing guidance to families and other constituents on many topics related to financial aid. ... For Financial Aid Administrators and families looking for a quick way to crunch financial aid numbers, Mark provides a number of on-line calculators. Examples are the Financial Aid Estimator, which Financial Aid Administrators value for its thorough and fair explanations of expected family contribution, as well as the Savings Plan Designer to help parents figure out how much to save to reach their educational goals. And for families concerned with educational loans and post-college repayment, Mark provides a number of on-line calculators to help families prepare for and understand the impact of using parent and student loans to finance school. The way he presents the Scholarship Scam Alert is another example of the defining characteristics of Mark Kantrowitz's Financial Aid Information Page: thoroughness and accuracy in an easy-access format.
- L. B. Purutyan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Testimonials from Educators

I must compliment you on your truly excellent financial aid information page. We are the Higher Education Information Center in Boston, and financial aid counseling is one of the things we do. Now that the Internet has become an additional medium for information and services, people are inquiring (and often confused) about the vast amount of information out there. I constantly recommend and refer people to your website (I especially like your extensive tips on avoiding scams). There is no other single resource that comes close to yours in terms of quality and comprehensiveness. ... Again, thank you for giving the world the benefits of your efforts and for doing such quality work.
- C. Marra, Technology Specialist, Higher Education Information Center

You have provided an excellent service! I am in the process of finding information to do a presentation and I have found eveything and more on your website. I will be passing along your address to my students. THANKS
- A. Buske

Love your page and publish your site address for students and parents trying to find their way through the financial aid maze. Lots of good information. Thanks!!
- E.C. Duckrow, Guidance Counselor

Just wanted to thank you for the fine presentation you made at the ACT meeting in Columbia, Missouri. I ... really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on web pages. Thanks again for the information and for the FinAid® website. ... It is a great resource.
- J. Dannels, Guidance Counselor

You are a genius! I have just recently learned about your homepage and I have visited the financial aid page several times! Thanks you SO much for bringing us such valuable information!
- M. Lunter, Guidance Counselor

I just took a look at your "new and updated" page and I have to compliment you on an *OUTSTANDING* job. This is a *wonderful* service for our students. I advise senior students regularly on their future plans and this is a great resource that I steer them to. Thanks so VERY much!
- M. Keisling

Thanks for your well organized information. As a college guidance counselor at a school with a heavy population of Native American students, students with disabilities, older students, and international students, it's nice to see even more available all in one spot. I'm particularly impressed with the thoroughness of your information for our gay and lesbian students. Thanks!
- J. Dirks, Guidance Counselor

Fantastic. Keep up the good work.
- E.N. Duncan

I am an Instructor of Naval Science at the University of Missouri's Naval ROTC program. One of my favorite duties of this job is to serve as the academic advisor to all the freshmen students in our program. I have taken it upon myself to put together a financial aid booklet for them and was just about through with my research when I 'stumbled' across your WEB page. This is the most professional, informative, and important resource I have ever found. I now hand my students your Internet address and sit them at a computer the day they arrive. I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an incredible "gold mine" of financial aid resources. My students and I are greatly appreciative of your dilligent work.
- D. E. Antrim, Lieutenant, United States Navy

I am sponsoring one of the first college fairs for my church. Having done college recruiting for 5 years and having been an educator even longer, I knew the information students should receive. However, having it in your head and needing it on paper is two different things. Not only am I able to provide the students with quality information, but in addition, they have another source that makes paying for college a reality. Thank you. Keep up the excellent work!
- L. Simmons, Social Worker

I would like to give you my congratulations for the exellent job that you are doing about financial aid. Your information about financial aid for foreign students allows me to get a wide view vision about this topics, saving time and effort. Thanks for this.
- Dr. M. Salazar Castellon

I was relieved and pleased to find your site. The tips on scams, graduate and distance learning, scholarships for specific groups were all interesting. I will be following up with students on some ideas you offered. Thanks.
- S. Green, Social Worker

Thank you who ever you are for such an excellent resource. The financial aid links you have put together are simple, succinct, and worth every word. I have been trying to find this kind of information but little avail. Finding this has been a Mother Lode!
- S. Spinell

Thanks for a fine page -- well defined, excellent menu of choices, good references and data. A joy to find a really professional page that is intuitive and non-technical and immediately responsive.
- S. Davidson

Mark, I saw your page on the news and I am pleased to no end to see this resource. Keep up the good work. Thanks loads.
- M. Bennett

Testimonials from Librarians

This is a superb page! Sensible & easily-navigated organization/layout, concise annotations, links are all useful.
- P. Moskow, Librarian

Thanks for the financial aid web site. I am a librarian at a small branch in San Diego. About a month ago I discovered that someone had walked off with ALL of the financial aid information in our modest reference collection. Needless to say I was NOT amused. Anyhow, your page will prove useful in the interim while I purchase new hard copy and will be a great supplement when the books are available. Thanks again.
- J. Albrecht, Librarian

I refer about ten people per day to the site, and I think its one of the most impressive information sources on the Web. I have yet to encounter the general question about financial aid that doesn't have a detailed answer here. Thanks.
- D. Mitchum, Online Librarian, The Foundation Center

Testimonials from Financial Planners

The Financial Aid web-page has demonstrated a high quality level of service to those who are seeking the same high-quality level of information.
- M. Neville, Financial Planner

I found this web site to be very well organized and extremely useful. The links to related websites, calculators and narrative make this a valuable site to both novice and professional. I am sending this website address to all of my clients. Thank you for your obvious dedication and hard work in creating such a wonderful tool that will help so many people.
- B. Hufnell, CPA

Testimonials from Parents

This is by far the most comprehensive resource for all things related to financing college. The explanations are clear and to the point. I have returned to this site multiple times for guidance and review. Kudos to the folks who research and write the content. Don't know what I would have done if such a resource were not available! THANK YOU!!
- L. Fitzsimmons

Just a quick note to tell you your FinAid® Page is VERY, VERY HELPFUL! It's got everything for a quick start on finding aid for college.
- J. Wade

Just wanted to say Thank You very much for this valuable service.
- R. Chewning

I found your financial aid homepage. It is very informative, and extremely helpful. Having a junior in high school, your offering will be one place that I will find invaluable, and will visit often. Thank you for providing this information.
- T. Villareal

I'd like to thank you for providing this wealth of resources. You are to be commended for the enormous amount of work that went into this site. ... I know how much time went into making this site the valuable resource it is for parents and students. Thanks.
- R. M. Goodman

I just discovered the FinAid® page. What a great resource!
- L. O'Brien

I found your pages to be wonderfully helpful. I just opened up an IRA and wanted to know what to expect, what to invest. Your pages are great!
- M. Paluch

Wow! I found your page from the YAHOO magazine. This is just what I've been looking for. Your page is unbelievable. Hopefully it will save me some money, help to find scholarships, grants or whatever. Thanks a million!!
- P. Mueller

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how GREAT I think your financial aid page is. ... We got many valuable leads as to money which could be available for her from your page. ... Your page has given her the opportunity to be rewarded for all her years of hard work. Thanks again.
- S. J. Sakalouckas

Thanks for the info on this web site. It was truly eye opening and most helpful. College is very expensive but you are helping to make it a little more affordable.
- T. Forlano Jr.

My personal thanks for a job well done for helping so many frustrated parents trying to offer a chance for their kids to go to college. Your page is fantastic!
- J.A. Hogan

This site is great. I wish I had used it earlier. I will be visiting it again in the near future. Thanks for helping to make frustrated parents, like me, a little more at ease.
- M. Muto

Many thanks for your incredibly helpful website! It is well organized, easy to use and saved me hours of library time. A Grateful Parent Who Seems to have Survived The Multitude of Forms with Help from your Site!
- L. Gardner

You have done an excellent job on these pages. I ... found them invaluable for assessing our own situation with regard to financing our children's education. Thank you for your efforts.
- Dr. J. D. Melvin

Thank you VERY much for having the Title IV Codes on line. Once I found the site my search had ended. I have spent hours searching through the home pages of colleges my son is interested in and it is unbelievable that even though they have Financial Aid pages with tons of info regarding the filing of the FAFSA, they do not give their Federal Code to ensure their school receives the information.
- C. Petroff

Your resource information is great, easy to use and relevant.
- Anonymous

Thanks for this excellent service. As much as it is disconcerting to see this estimate, I guess I feel better knowing. I'll be back to look for scholarships and any other tips you may have. THANKS!!
- K. Fuller

Just came across your page on the net. Very imformative, keep up the good work!
- R.G. Miller

A cohort told me about this page. Thanks for all your work on it. It's great.
- F. Knight

Thanks again for your public-service spirit. I know you'll be a HUGE SUCCESS in whatever you decide to do with the kind of attitude you've demonstrated. WELL DONE.
- Anonymous

Absolutely amazing! Congratulations for a really well organized and efficient site. Many sincere thanks!
- K. Smet

I have used your website several times and have found it to be a real public service. Today, in trying to locate Title IV codes, the Dept. of Ed. computer must be shut down but your Title IV codes proved to be quick and easy to access. Thank you for your help.
- B. Goldfarb

It is definitely in my top 10 sites of all time...really incredible. I've been using it in helping student friends of my daughter, too. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
- E. D. Estevez

Your web site is just what I needed. I really appreciate the EFC calculator. At least we can see what direction we are heading.
- Anonymous

Thanks so much for putting the Title IV codes on the web. I live and work in Seoul Korea. We missed a number on our applcation and the FAFSA was going to go to the wrong school. The instructions say just go to the local college or high school to get the codes. Right?! Over here information sent to the military schools like that goes fourth class which takes two months or more by boat. A 'free' 800 call costs $1.50-$3.00 per minute. What a relief to jump on the information highway and obtain the correct codes in mere minutes.
- T. Hoff

Like any responsible parent, I want what's best for my daughter and have only recently purchased this computer let alone gaining access to the "net". For nights we've searched for information on financial aid and thank God we came across you page. I was very impressed with the way it was set up and the content and I do intend on passing the word along about it to as many concerned parents and their children as possible. And I have to say this, what I also like is your honesty. There are many people out there that are having a hard enough time without being taken advantage of by the multitude of "scams". It's worth the trip to your homepage for the SCAM ALERT alone.
- S. Gourdine

I'm new at this, trying to figure out how to finance my kids' education. THANK YOU for the Financial Aid Calculator. I had asked lots of professionals to point me toward similar software, and I got nothing but blank stares. I was beginning to think this formula was a State secret! Again, thanks!
- J. Gaines

Just heard about your website this morning on National Public Radio, and browsed it while waiting for scandisk to complete on my PC. Good Stuff! I especially liked the section on scams. Lots of good info there -- a well-thought-out presentation. Thanks for thinking of this and doing it!
- J. Brown

Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. I only visited for a few minutes but I got several valuable bits of info.
- C. Hawkins

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your Web Page for financial aid data is superb. I have a son in his Freshman year and have found little comprehensive data discussing aid until I found your page.
- M. Potkin

We thank you for the service of your financial aid website. It is a great help in determining and understanding the financial aid process for the first timer.
- The Weatherly's

I am the father of two kids. As such, I was delighted to come across the FinAid® WWW Page and plan to use it extensively. To put it simply, something like this represents the U.S. at its best - generating and sharing high quality practical information via a wonderful tool made possible by technology (namely the Internet).
- V. Chandrasekhar

Ran across this site of yours about aid, grants, scholarships, etc. Thank you so much for allowing this site to even exist. I was so surprised to actually find it. I wish I had found it a little sooner. Anyway it was a GREAT help to me. I am doing the research for my daughter for college.
- Anonymous

I wish I had known about your financial aid web site when I was in the process of filling our the federal financial aid forms. I am currently enrolled as an undergrad student at ... My son will be starting college this fall. Just remembering to call for the Title IV school codes was a chore. It was very helpful to see the calculation you came up with for our 1997-98 projected aid. I hope to spend more time looking around here!
- D. Hanser

May you live long and prosper!!! All Gods bear witness, ward well these noble ones!!! Superb site!!! Many, many thanks.
- T.P. Reilly

I've been meaning to tell you how great this site is. I am a first timer, working with my daughter, now in her Senior Year in HS. This site, with its many Links has been a real wealth of information. I have a lot more work to do....but this site has made it easier to do.
- T. Hinders

Very good. The information is wonderful. Keep up the good work.
- H.L. Green

My compliments on an Excellent site and resource. You are to be praised for your efforts.
- Anonymous

Thanks very much for the information. Your service is terrific. I cannot imagine a more comprehensive source of financial information for information-starved, anxious parents.
- A. D. Shirer

I'm a parent suffering from "bureaucratic forms overload" You don't know what a relief finding your site has been this morning. Several niggling bits of info (such as Title IV codes) were located quickly by using your page, saving me time and headache.
- M.L. Wilson

I just wanted to thank all of you who maintain this page and the free associated services, especially the Title IV codes for colleges. This is yet another example of the true benefits of the web!
- B. Zalneraitis

This is an incredible service you're providing. Why is it free? Not that I would have paid, of course, but I'm sure there're thousands out there who would. ... From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my children, THANK YOU!
- N. Blumberg

Incredible resource you have provided. Many, many thanks form a totally overwhelmed parent.
- P. Fischer

The financial aid estimator is wonderful, and you are a saint. I have twin daughters at ..., now in their third year. I wish I had this estimator when they were originally applying. It would have really helped me understand what was going on. ... I found some magazine articles back then, but nothing as good as your page. Thanks again.
- B. Dietz

I have just received my SAR for my daughter, and I did the financial aid form you have on the web. They are within $20, so your form works very well!
- M. Guenther

Thanks for providing invaluable information on student aid and especially for the search capability for Title IV School Codes. I'm filling out two FASFAs for my sons and all the gov.ed sites were down. This is the only other place I could find the information. You're a life saver!
- D. Gumm

Exceptional website!! Great information to use/make decisions with as a parent of college aged children. Love the "links" too. Keep up the good work!
- E. Schell

I think your site is excellent, and we particularly appreciate the estimator. Thanks! I'm sure it's a lot of work to create and maintain.
- E. Teska

I just disccovered this page after reading about it in Money Magazine. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with its scope. I have a high school junior. I suspect I will be visiting this page a lot over the next few years, so will my daughter.
- G. Morrissy

I can't thank you enough for your work in making this information available to us. Keep up the great work you are doing and be assured we all appreciate it. Thank you.
- J. Bradley

Not many folks are willing to give out anything that might benefit others....WITHOUT....holding out their hand to be PAID! You need to be COMMENDED for being an honest and GENEROUS SOUL!! Sooo...I'm COMMENDING YOU!!! :) :)
- N. Stoliby

Recently needed to fill out an application for student loan, and couldn't find the Title IV code for the school anywhere. Went to RIT home page, linked up with you, and VOILA - AS SIMPLE AS BREATHING (WELL, ALMOST). THIS IS WHAT THE WEB IS ALL ABOUT. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
- S. M. Ross

Thank you for putting this page together. As the father of a college bound senior I found it both informative and useful. Keep up the good work.
- J. Donovan

I utilized your service on the WWW and found it be extremely helpful in my search for colleges/universities for my son. I was able to contact all of the colleges/universities he was interested in. This service was simple to use and very educational. As our son is the first to enter college, I was thrilled to find this service on-line. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- L. Sylvain

Invaluable information, especially the resources on financial aid and scholarships. This is quite a maze and hopefully a managable task. This is the first of three we have to send to college. Thanks for the great insights.
- J. McBride

I just found your site today, and have already recommended it to another parent. You offer a wealth of information, and I thank you for it. I expect to be back here a number of times.
- J. Murphy

Thanks for the wealth of information that you offer. It makes the task of applying to college somewhat less daunting.
- K. Fugowski

Just want you to know that your website is a TREMENDOUS resource! I needed 5 TITLE IV school codes on a Sunday afternoon. Found that the USDOE server was down. With a little trial-and-error, I found everything I needed right here. Many thanks! :-)
- K. Schaack

What a jewel of a site. My oldest son has wanted to go to college as far back as I can remember. He is going into sixth grade. He is very bright and loves school. The fear of not being able to help much when it comes to college is scary. This is a great place to explore my options. Thank you for providing this free information.
- L. Brownell

Thanks. My nephew is a sophomore and is just beginning the process of looking at colleges. This information from your pages reassures me that it is possible for an ordinary person to make an intelligent start. Thanks so much.
- P. Young

Thank you! As a parent trying to manage my son's last year in high school alone, I'm delighted to find this resource. There aren't many places anymore where folks actually try to be helpful without instant (cash) gratification, this clearly is one of those places. I'm very grateful.
- M. Cain

I was very excited to find this helpful college financial aid planning guide. I was horrified to see what our expected annual contribution would be for our son's education! But, having this knowledge is better than stumbling around in denial. I have only begun looking at what you offer, but I'm sure my son and I will be spending lots of time on this. ... Thank you so much.
- S. Matthews-Jensen

Thank You VERY MUCH for all of the information available through this web site!!!! I found many many useful items here.
- S. Meyer

Excellent information page and calculator to help students and parents alike to realize how financial aid is calculated. ... Just wanted to let you know that I think you have done a great job with this web site and I have the dream that some day maybe this site will be unnecessary and education will be free for all that work for it. Thank you!
- S. Levangie

I was at the meeting at "THE CARNEGIE" ... What I wanted to get to in this email is that we really enjoyed what you had to say. It was by far the most vital information of the day. And I tried your home page -- it also was (and will be) of great value to us. Keep up the good work.
- D. Kaufman

Thank you for all your hard work on the Financial page. I am sure it has saved me alot of time and energy in my search to help a student from Africa that has been financially abandoned by her father. Wish us luck, and again, thank you!
- Tim

Thanks again for your efforts on behalf of students in need of financial help - and their parents.
- J. Nourse

I was searching for financial aid information for my son ... and discovered this page. I wish it was available 2 years ago when he was a High School Senior. ... Again, Thank You for your excellent service! You deserve the award that you recently received.
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This is a very helpful for all students. I only wish I had learned more about the Internet and all that was avaible to me earlier on in my college career!
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As a medical student, the financial aid numbers are staggering. I almost tried to work the EFC formula out by hand...but then I found your website. I really appreciate the on-line worksheet you provide. I plugged in actual numbers from my award letter and the expected contributions from your worksheet paralleled the actual numbers superbly. Next year's financial aid planning is already in the works. Thanks a ton!
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At my high school, we have very little information available about financial aid, colleges and universities, etc. I am currently working with one of my teachers on developing a career and counseling center. Of course, the address to your website is displayed prominently on the wall of the center! I will definitely recommend the Financial Aid Information Page to my fellow classmates, my teachers, and counselors.

Thanks again for all your work! Keep it up!

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I just wanted to thank all of those resposible for adding the Lesbian/Gay scholarship information. I really appreciate your help. It is not always easy finding information on the subject.
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Other Testimonials

You have done an absolutely magnificent job with your website. It is an invaluable resource, especially when a visitor to our site has a question not related to Texas Guaranteed Student Loans.
- P. Boman, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation

Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource site.
- D. Scott, Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Congratulations on receiving the Jefferson Medal! Your Web page is absolutely great and you deserve the honor!
- M. McKiernan, UNIPAC Service Corporation

Your dedication to providing accurate and helpful information to students is most impressive if not also inspiring!
- J. Anson, American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine

We are greatful for the ability to refer consumers to a free research tool! Since most financial aid applicants have limited incomes, this free tool has been a godsend. ... I give an unqualified "thumbs up" to the page.
- V. Dodds, Manager, State Financial Aid Programs, Minnesota Higher Education Services Office

Your tireless efforts to publish, on your Financial Aid Information web page, the most comprehensive financial aid information, as well as to educate the public to fraudulent scholarship offers has provided an invaluable public service.
- R. E. Pesqueria, Executive Directory, The College Board Western Regional Office

Mark, what an extraordinary effort is your "Financial Aid Information" website! How did this work come about? What motivates you to continue updating it? How much time do you spend/month maintaining it? What will you do with it after you graduate? I am just blown away. You've been so generous with your time (in compiling this information) and with your spirit (in going to the trouble necessary to maintain a website)!
- M. Osborn, Resource Pathways, Inc.


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